Changunarayan Temple at high risk of landslide

BHAKTAPUR: The Changunarayan Temple, which is enlisted in the World Heritage Sites List, is at high risk after landslides occurred on the east and west sides of the temple on Wednesday following incessant rains.

According to the priest at the Temple, Chakradharanand Rajopadhyaya, the landslide has reached near Chandra Surya shrine on the west side of the Temple.

Rajopadhayaya complained that no bodies concerned have shown any interest to protect the Temple when it is at high risk of landslide.

Locals said this situation came about with the failure of the local administration to stop the rampant mining of sand and stones from the Manohara stream going on since long.

At first, sand smuggling at the Manohara stream should be stopped to save the Temple from the risk of landslide, said Rajopadhayaya.

Aruna Nakarmi, Chief of the Department of Archeology and Palace Management Office, Bhaktapur, said they have been informed of the landslide and they would inspect the area on Friday.

Central Office of the Department of Archeology has asked its local office to submit a report on the extent of the damage to the Temple structure caused, which they will submit after monitoring the area, said Nakarmi.


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